Top Ten Savings Accounts: A Quick Summary of Some of the Best Online Banks & What They Offer

If you’re someone who is looking for a safe, yet potentially profitable way to put your money, then the best solution is a high-yield savings account from a reliable, strong financial institution. You don’t necessarily have to choose a traditional bank, either. There are some good online banks to choose from these days, although not all of them are equal. Here are the top ten savings accounts to look into (no specific order):

Capital One

This one is great for fast transfers. Even though Capital One is mostly known for its credit cards, it’s still a good choice for an account. There are a variety of options, including Kids’ Savings Accounts (1.00% APY) and 360 Performance Savings (1.90 APY).

SoFi Money

Even though this is a newer institution, it’s still offers a good cash management account that pays up to 2% APY, and doesn’t charge much in terms of fees – if any at all (no ATM fees, overdraft fees, monthly pays, etc… ). The APY varies from 1.80% – 2.0% and is subject to change.


While its APY is lower than the other banks on this list of top ten savings accounts, HSBC has the advantage of longevity. Its roots go back to 1865. It’s also one of the largest and most robust banks that offers various online accounts.

American Express

Like Capital One, American Express is most-often thought of as a lender of credit cards, but the financial giant now also offers savings accounts online, with an average of 1.90% APY. The account has no monthly fees or minimum balance to worry about.

Barclays Bank

This organization definitely deserves to be among the top ten savings accounts due to its excellent support and services for online customers, as well as its no minimum balance requirement to start an account. Not only does Barclays boast some fairly high APY for its accounts, it also offers CD options that have some of the highest rates right now.


Some of the benefits of signing up for an account with Citi is that is requires no minimum opening deposi, offers the convenience of mobile check deposit, and the ability to easily transfer money between your Citi accounts and non-Citi accounts.

Popular Direct

If you have at least $5,000 to start with, then you can expect an APY of 2.40% if you create an account with Popular Direct. This offer is for those who create a new “Ultimate Savings” account and went into effect Sept. 9 2019. Like the others mentioned on this top ten savings accounts list, you get a peace of mind when Popular Direct thanks to FDIC-insured deposits.


There are no monthly fees to worry about with WebBank and it requires a minimum balance of just $1,000. The interest compounds daily, and you can easily manage your account online. The APY averages around 2.20% for savings accounts.

CIT Bank

If this WAS a ranked list of top ten savings accounts, CIT Bank would definitely be #1. You can easily skip a branch and just deposit a minimum of $100 into an online “Savings Builder” account, which is FDIC-insured and has an APY % of around 2.20.

Enhance Your Presentations by Using Interactive Whiteboards

The Interactive Whiteboards are the smart boards that are popularly being used today. These smart boards are finding their utility everywhere ranging from a teaching field to the training and demonstration field. These presentation boards provide interaction with other technologies, so they are used for multipurpose requirements. These boards have interfaces to attach to computers, laptops, screen projectors and many other devises. These portable smart boards are not simple boards but the boards carrying features of today’s rapidly growing world.

These smart whiteboards offer great benefits to every age group and for people of varied fields. The boards have an attractive look to entice kids to enjoy their studies. Not only this, but these boards also provide easy readability to the students as they have a base of white color, which is the most suitable to our eyes and this color has its own brightness which helps release the stress on eyes.

The smart board is compatible for making connections with slide and projector technology and the computer interactive technology. If it is used in schools or colleges then it expunges the need to go to other places for giving demonstrations. It also increases students’ interest in learning. Through this way a teacher can address large number of students with a single whiteboard, which otherwise would have been very difficult with a single computer or laptop.

One of the great features of these Interactive Whiteboards is that these allow the data on board to be saved on computer hard disk. Is it not a great feature? This way the classroom tutorials can be saved and be redisplayed when required. This feature can also be very useful for business meeting purposes where slides are displayed on whiteboards and record of meetings are to be made.

The Interactive Whiteboards due to their multi-use features are finding use in many fields. Today these smart boards are being used for delivering presentations, video conferencing, training, e learning, demonstrations and still many more. Their video conferencing feature has offered a great advantage; the computer or laptop display can be transferred to the white board, so the small conferencing equipments can be made to suffice the need of large equipments.

With the training application of Interactive Whiteboards, the trainers can very interactively teach their trainees, which otherwise through simple computers or laptops might have been very difficult to substantiate. Their feature of delivering presentations is remarkable. Due to this feature of Interactive Whiteboards, these are ubiquitous whether it is seminar halls, presentation and speech rooms, and product demonstration halls, coaching institutes and even in shows, parties, gatherings and events.

It is omnipresence is easy to understand. It is an interface for addressing a large group of people, for example in gatherings or parties, where people are not able to see distant happenings; these smart whiteboards make their utility there by shortening the distance between them. So, the whiteboards now have become a must for companies, educational institutes, exhibition centers and demonstration halls and for many more places.

Gold Bullion – The Perfect Present For the Person Who Has Everything

Trying to find the perfect present for a special birthday can be hard, especially as bigger disposable incomes mean that people often buy the things they want throughout the year, instead of waiting for a birthday or Christmas. Whilst some people are happy to give their loved ones money or a premium bond on their big day, giving them the present of gold bullion can be much more personal and a longer lasting memory.

Some mints offer the service of customisation, and you can have a unique and personal message included in the design of a gold coin. Whilst this obviously affects the value of the coin to a collector, the person who receives the gift will be able to treasure and display it for the rest of their life. If you would rather give a gift that will provide financial security to the recipient for years to come, buying them gold bullion coins or bars for investment purposes can be just as nice. Whilst they may not wish to store it in their home, having gold bullion stored in a bank vault adds a bit of James Bond excitement to the whole affair.

For the fashion conscious out there, the ultimate in luxury gold jewellery has just been announced. You can now purchase legitimate mini gold bullion bars to be worn on the wrist or around the neck. This would be an ideal present for any girl wanting to show off and really sparkle, and because of their small size they are not likely to attract attention from potential muggers or jewellery thieves.

If the present is intended as a long term investment towards the financial security of the recipient, then purchasing gold bullion bars to be stored in a vault and having a certificate as proof of purchase still allows there to be some form of gift exchange but the security of the gold and the recipient is maintained.

Before you jump head first into the gold bullion market, do a bit of research on the best traders, what type of product is best to purchase and which will be easiest for the gift receiver to enjoy and manage. As long as you buy your gold from a reputable trader, your gift is sure to be the main topic of conversation at the birthday party and will be treasured for years to come.

Personalized Baby Shower Gifts Are Brilliant Presents For the Infants

Baby showers are great occasions where mom-to-bes will be showered with lots of baby gifts. Some guests may present gift items just for the baby alone, while some brings presents for the expectant parents. But whatever you want to give, personalizing it would really be a great idea and highly appreciated by the happy family.

Baby shower gifts are now available in different choices. They are often come in cute designs and themes. Both local and online stores carry a wide variety of baby shower gifts, which can be personalized depending on the buyer’s choice. Speaking of which, personalized baby shower gifts are probably the most favorite gifts given these days. Many moms as well as givers find these personalized items more special and memorable, not to mention they are much cheaper than those branded ones.

If you are wondering where to purchase personalized baby shower gifts, well, look no more because you can now purchase them without going out to local shopping malls. Anyone who has Internet access can now order whatever they want to have online. So, if you are a give who wants to purchase personalized baby shower gifts easier and faster, just simply browse the Internet then start searching. There are thousands of websites that are selling different choices of baby items, which can serve as baby shower gifts to an upcoming infant. But make sure you are finding those that can be customized, since you want to present personalized gifts.

Personalized baby shower gifts can be anything, from the smallest infant accessories to big nursery furniture. And if you want to surprise the parents-to-be, feel free to do so. There are also great choices of gifts for parents that can pamper them, because parents need to relax too! There are also excellent ideas that can guide new parents, especially on raising their new baby like parenting guide books and the likes.

Personalized baby gift baskets are also a top choice when it comes to baby shower gifts. You can present a personalized gift basket either bought pre-made or homemade. If you think you can make your own gift basket, then it would be a great advantage. You can use a traditional basket, laundry basket, baby bath tub or bucket that is big enough to hold numerous gift items. Your gift basket may contain different baby accessories, such as a few clothing; blankets; baby bottles; bibs and the likes. However, you can always go beyond this common idea, like opting to show off a specific theme. For example, you want to collect different baby bathing supplies because you want the basket to be a “Baby Bath Time Gift Basket.” Ideas like that are fun which would really bring smile on your recipient’s face.

Other personalized baby shower gifts you may want to give are monogrammed newborn clothing, embroidered baby blankets, personalized crib beddings, engraved baby keepsakes boxes, engraved picture frames, personalized high chairs, personalized cribs and so many more. Try to search online to see some more brilliant gifts for the upcoming little bundle of joy.