Are Black Quartz Tiles The Best In The Present Day Market?

Black quartz tiles bring majestic appearance to the house and they are famous for their features. All the homeowners prefer these tiles for their natural beauty and it offers a peace and calm to the surroundings you live. This consists of quartz material and 95% of resin blended in the manufacturing process. This makes them stronger and as a hard-wearing material. This makes them suitable for all the areas where there is high traffic. The patterns, texture and shapes are coming according to the new trends so, they are abundantly available in the market. Tiny mirrors are present on the surface which reflects the light in a brilliant way. These mirrors on the black colour add to the beauty and they increase the brightness of the room. They offer a unique shine and radiance which makes all the people happy.

They offer an optimistic feel to all the members of the family. The fresh and hygienic look of the tiles makes them ideal for all the areas. Black quartz tiles are suitable for both the interior and exterior decoration and they give a modern effect to the house. The spectacular fashion of the tiles will look perfect on the walls and floors. The shimmering effect will make everyone happy and they are as the center of attraction of the house. They draw the guest’s attention and make them to remodel their home with these wonderful tiles. This increase in popularity is because they are easy to install and they reasonably priced. They look like millions of stars on the night sky. They are suitable for residential, commercial and other public places. They look perfect for the kitchen worktops and backsplashes.

They consist of extremely high quality and the non porous stones, which makes them ideal for all areas. They absorb water in a low rate and the colour does not show dust on the surface. They always look clean and decrease the effort of maintenance. Black quartz tiles are resistant to scratches and stains. They are durable and do not need frequent replacement. You can sweep the floor to remove the dust and rinse the surface which will keep the shine for many years. Use stone cleaners to remove the stains and do not use any acidic solutions on the surface. You can place heavy furniture on the surface and they do not develop any scratches or damages. You can buy the tiles from the online retailers and make sure that they are reasonably priced. These tiles are also available with the special discounts. All these features make them so popular and they are also known as the trend setters in this modern tiling world. So, you can get them and create a stunning and dazzling effect to the house.

Change Management Presentations – Why Context is Just As Important As Content

If you’re a business consultant manager or senior executive the chances are that at some point you will have had to make a case for change. This involves gathering data and presenting your analysis so that others know what you want them to do. But often a board of directors or investors will get your message and still not change. Why? Knowing what to do is not enough; to get them to change they need to know why they should. So, if your job depends on making presentations that get change spend as much time on the context as you do on the content.

Three years ago I was overweight-by about two stone. “So what” I thought to myself, “I’m in my thirties I can lose weight later.” I knew what I needed to do but I really didn’t care.

But, when I turned 40 my doctor called me in for a check-up. My cholesterol and blood pressure were both too high. The doctor told me that if I didn’t change my lifestyle I would have to take drugs (not the good kind) to reduce my risk of heart disease. Suddenly, I had a compelling reason for change. I had a different context.

Too many business consultants jump into solutions before explaining the problem; the result: no change! So, when you make a presentation that is focused on getting others e.g. senior executives to change it is critical you start by spelling out why they should change, give them context.

It helps if you know how to do it. Here’s the best way I know how:

Step 1. Clearly define the problem you’re trying to solve (be very specific).
Step 2. Explain the impact of the problem on the client’s business e.g. how it affects customer retention, staff morale, or operating expense (those are the main three).
Step 3. Sell the benefits.

Here’s an example of how this works, I used exactly this opening recently in a presentation to a home refurbishment contractor.

“Today I’m going to show you why last year’s housing refurbishment projects were:

o On time only 11% of the time
o Never completed with full content, the best was 65%
o Consistently went over budget, by an average of £2,000,000.

The impact of this was that you were served with £10.5 million in late penalties in late completions fees. However the good news is that we can show you how to deliver all your projects on time, in full and on budget we estimate this will save you around £30 million per year.”

So remember context before content.

How to Seamlessly Incorporate YouTube Videos Into Your PowerPoint Presentation

Adding a video to your PowerPoint presentation (2010 edition) can enhance your talk to great effect. It can break up the monotony of a static slide, and make complex concepts or masses of statistics and data much easier to absorb. Your video could be one made specifically for your presentation, or it could be one that you have already uploaded to your YouTube channel, or even one produced by a third-party. This article shows how to seamlessly incorporate YouTube videos into your PowerPoint presentation (2010 edition) in a matter of seconds…

To begin with, there are some considerations that you should take into account before you use YouTube videos in your presentations.

Firstly you need to be aware of copyright regulation. It is illegal to use third-party content without the owner’s permission so ensure that you have permission, or already own the rights to the material that you’re using in the presentation.

Secondly, be very clear as to what it is that you want to achieve by adding a video to your presentation. Will a video demonstrate a specific point quickly and clearly? Will it entertain or inform your audience? Bearing in mind that many presentations already suffer from running on too long, will you run out of time or go over your deadline as a result of running a video?

Thirdly, if you’re using a YouTube video rather than a video that you have stored in your computer drive, will you have live internet access at the event? Although it is called “embedding video code”, the process actually involves a link to the YouTube video. It will not actually be present as a file in your PowerPoint presentation itself so you will need to have access to the Internet to ensure that the video will run when required.

Finally, are you prepared for any technical problems? If you find that you are unable to connect to the YouTube video link when you are making your presentation, what impact will this have on your presentation? It shows professionalism and initiative if you have back-up plans ready.

Either provide the URL link in your hand-out notes so that people, or make the PowerPoint presentation available afterwards so that people can view the video on their own computer. Encourage them to make the time to watch later by explaining what it is the video would have shown them, and how that would enhance their understanding of that particular concept.

Once you have sorted out the whys and wherefores, the actual process of linking the YouTube video to your PowerPoint presentation is breathtakingly easy. Simply have the embed code of the YouTube video to hand before you start.

You can find the embed code by selecting the share option under the YouTube video itself and select the embed option. At the bottom of the resulting dialogue box, you’ll see a series of tick box options. You will need to tick the box ” old embed code”. You must do this because PowerPoint 2010 uses an older version of embedding code which only supports Flash playback. Newer versions of embed codes support Flash and HTML5 video which isn’t suitable for your current software.

Make sure none of the other options are checked – you don’t want recommendations of related videos, HTTPS, or privately enhanced code. Make sure that only the old embed code box is checked.

Having selected the old embed code option, you will see a sequence of code appear in the middle of the dialogue box. Select the code sequence and then copy it whole. You’ll be pasting it into your PowerPoint slide in the next few seconds…

Next select the slide which is to hold the YouTube video and then choose the Insert Tab at the top of the page. Now follow the following steps:

  1. Select the video option at the far end of the menu list
  2. Choose video from website from the drop down option
  3. The dialogue box that opens will ask you to add the embed code for your selected video
  4. Paste the code that you copied a few moments before and wait while the information is processed
  5. The video will eventually appear on your slide and you can move it into your desired location on the slide

That’s it! When you view in slide show mode, you’ll see the video running through after you’ve clicked your mouse to start.

Now that you’ve mastered the technique of using YouTube videos in your presentations, just a small note of caution. While it’s genuinely thrilling to see video running on your PowerPoint, do be careful not get too carried away – use as needed to create impact, not to string out a presentation that’s losing its way. Your audience will be captivated, entertained, and informed in return.