The Presence is the Gift – Living in the Present Moment

Can we all get to a place in our consciousness in which we become present moment aware or as we in the field of metaphysics call aware in the Presence? It is often difficult for us to assert that we create life in the present moment or in the Presence because many of us spend most of our mental energy in the past or in the future. We search for ways to escape the moment. Yet, if we want to be powerful co-creators, we must realize that the Presence is the gift.

The desire to become a powerful co-creator is in all of us. Each of us want to achieve our desires and set forward powerful intentions, but the difficulty we are face with is remaining in the Presence. So how do we become more present moment aware? Here are 4 metaphysical and personal development strategies and technologies to assist you in becoming more present moment aware or usher you in the Presence:

One, to become more present moment aware or to usher you in the presence, you should consider a daily practice of yoga. Yoga requires concentration on the breath with movement. The asanas or poses are mastered by focusing your energy and intent in the moment. It is very difficult to do yoga while thinking about your dry cleaning. Your mind and breath become one and you must remain focused on each move as you flow. This is synonymous with life and living. Yoga can be a powerful personal development tool and technology when practiced for the purpose of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Moreover, through present moment awareness, yoga helps us to build our ability to focus. This ability to focus helps us to develop powerful intentions.

Two, make sure your language is present moment. When setting your intentions or articulating your goals and desires, you should practice speaking in present tense. For example one might say….

…I will be independently wealthy someday.

This is not present tense. Present tense would be to say…

….I am independently wealthy.

We start to trust such self-affirming statements of our intentions when we say them often and when we pray, meditate, and align right actions with our desires. However, it all begins in the present moment or in the Presence.

Third, while journaling about your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and actions, you should practice journaling in present tense. Write about how you are feeling in the moment and find ways in which to validate your true and authentic self in the moment.

Fourth, love. That is right, love. Love wholeheartedly. Love yourself and love others. Now, you may be wondering, what does love have to do with it? Love has everything to do with it. Love is a very validating energy and it helps us remain in the present moment or in the Presence. Love brings order and peace while ushering us into the Presence.

And last, look for the gift and the good in every situation. Even during our most trying times, if we choose to see some glimmer of good in every situation then we can remain in the Presence without feeling guilt, shame, regret, or self-reproach. We must find the good and the gift in all situations-even if the glimmer of good or the gift is…I survived. This is the metaphysics of being and becoming. This is the metaphysics of hope eternal.

Yes, the present moment or the Presence is where we create life. If we desire to be powerful co-creators with the universe, we must learn to practice present moment awareness or being aware in the Presence. For it is true, all we have is this moment. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not promised. Today is always here and all we have is this moment. Make the most of it.

Debt Negotiation – Possible Ways to Eliminate Your Debts

Debt negotiation can also be termed as debt settlement. People those who did not make any payments for their loan amounts in the past 3 months can use this process. The lending institutions call those people to be delinquent. The debt negotiation process is the next step taken in trying to eliminate your debts. Primarily, the individuals have to find out whether this is the best solution for them. On identification of the solution, they have to learn about the entire process. This can also be termed as debt arbitration in the market.

Process of Debt Negotiation

The borrower must write the power of attorney to the counselor and it will be taken to the negotiator. Here the position of the debt is analyzed and once attaining enough information, the creditors will be called upon to initiate the negotiations. The creditors will be told to stop the collection efforts, and all the ways of communication will also be halted. The future communication or any kinds of deal have to be passed on through the negotiator. This is an effective form of eliminating the debt. The team will held a meeting and come up with various plans which are tailor made solutions to the debtor. If this plan is agreed by the debtor, then it is taken forward to the creditors for their approval. The process of negotiation will start to try and reduce as much as possible. One main problem focused here is to reduce or cancel the interest amounts accruing on the current debt.

Debt negotiation involves many steps to eliminate your debts. After making the negotiation process successfully, the borrower has to take a look on the different proposals the creditor has made. It is then followed by the reduction process and they receive a reduction about 50 percent which is a whooping amount. The reduced amount can now be turned in to monthly savings. There might be also free guides available which will state the steps to be taken to avoid future debt and how to handle finance properly.

Debt Negotiation Damages

The credit score is kept down for the borrower as long as he stays in the program. In most cases, the client agrees to pay a lump sum amount to the creditors and finish off the deal. Under these circumstances, the creditors will update the credit score of the clients. Once if the settlement is reached through this way, there will be no negative scoring in the credit history. Certain companies also offer a credit repair service as a part of eliminate your debt programs. They charge a fee for this service and assure you of not leaving or damaging your reputation in any ways due to the negotiation.

Debt negotiation is really an efficient way to eliminate the debts and avoid bankruptcy. However, the purpose of the debt management technique is truly dependent on the financial burden and strategies used to compensate them. There are lots of efficient techniques to come out of this problem and one can take a careful look at the given information below.

* Do not succumb to the situation. You are not the only one facing financial pressure in this world. There is a solution for every problem in this world. Unfortunately most people do not think wise to find out the ways of eliminating their debt. So take control of the situation and do not let things go away from your hands.

* Take a stock on the current outstanding amount of the loans, bills, dues and other payments to be made.

* Identify the debt which has to be settled based on its higher priority. This list will assist you in knowing the difficulty levels of the various issues.

* If you pay more than 9% interest rate, it is highly recommended to refinance your loan. This could be a great way to reduce the monthly payments and improve the credit scores.

* Have a controlled spending habit until you get out of this debt. A careful expenditure list must be prepared and monetize the spending nature. This might give optimum results.

* A well planned monthly budget which could fix all the monthly payments and other expenditures within the manageable level will be the only hope for the borrowers.

These are some of the simple and effective steps to be taken care of. By following these above discussed points, borrowers can surely solve all their problems in a limited period of time.

Spectacular Presentation Marketing Tips – Top 7 Reasons to Repurpose Your Presentations on Twitter

Keep that in mind as you dive into our 1. It’s Social – One of the rules in a Social Network (SN) is to be 80% social and 20% informative. Twitter is one SN where your current customers and potential customers can learn to “know, like and trust” you. When you are being helpful with your presentations and articles you are also being social, and as you are being social you are also marketing and informing.

2. Extends Your Reach – Extending your reach means to get your marketing message and influence in front of as many eyes and warm bodies as possible. When you tweet your presentations and articles on Twitter, you are not only reaching those who are following you, you are also reaching everyone that follows each person who follows you. We call that Compounding Social Networking and that can happen when someone Re-Tweets (RT) your information to their SN, and as you are being social you are also marketing and informing.

3. It’s Present Marketing – In many ways Twitter is like Instant Marketing Messaging – you get an instant response from many people who are using Twitter at that point in time. Many internet marketers are beginning to notice that their Twitter list is many times more responsive than their email list.

4. Gives You Expert Status – Mentioning your presentations and articles and using them to answer questions increases your expert status in the eyes of the tweeting public. And with some of the latest tracking services you can find out what people are responding to. Because this is a new frontier, there is still time for the majority of you to get in and establish your expert status in your niche.

5. Spread The Word – If you send out more than one email message a day to your list, people will unsubscribe in droves. With Twitter you can send out multiple 140-character tweets (which contain marketing and informational tips) in one day. In fact, we encourage you to, because your followers are on at different times throughout the day. And don’t forget they are also on different time zones as well. People can choose not to follow you, but we have found those numbers to be quite low.

6. Be Helpful – “People don’t care how much you know–until they know how much you care.” ~ John Maxwell. So when you are having conversations in Twitter and you see a question where one of your presentations or articles could help, you are being very helpful to someone when you refer them to your information. How’s that for increasing your “know, like and trust” factor?

7. It’s Automatic – You can set up your blog to automatically tweet your blog post titles (which contain your presentations) to Twitter. If you have an account, you can also automatically repurpose your brand new articles (about your presentations) onto Twitter as well. So when your blog and/or article is publishing, it will automatically show up on Twitter without you having to lift a finger. That is magic!

Bonus Tip – As we began to work on this presentation and article, we sent out a message on Twitter telling everyone that we were working on this article/presentation combination and to watch for it. We immediately got back responses (tweets) asking us to be sure to let them know when it was out. You can do the same thing.